Safe tecnology.

Functional and comfortable,
but above all safe

The attractive aspects of our seats would be of no use if they did not guarantee the safety of our little ones. That is why we are concerned about incorporating new technologies (Isofix system, lateral protection systems) that make our seats more and more secure. In addition we try to ensure that children travel in the most comfortable way possible by reinforcing sensitive areas with quilts and using textiles free of toxic compounds.


Crash tests are carried out at pioneering MotorLand facilities in accordance with ECE standards for both certification and production control. Our goal is to ensure that each FAIRGO car seat is of the highest quality, thereby protecting the millions of children who travel in them every day on the roads of Europe.

A certified safety by most automakers

The safety of your children is not optional. All Fairgo child seats are certified according to the latest European standards. The child seats are subjected to various tests and crash tests to verify their strength and protection of the child in case of accidents. 

Crash test center.

Our safety seats are tested and
approved according to the strictest
international standards.

As a company directly involved in child safety, we subject all our products to the most rigorous shock tests and we perform these in independent laboratories. In fact, the conformity tests that our seats must pass are much more demanding than those required by current ECE regulation. Our aim is to guarantee the overall quality of the seat and each of its components by measuring their efficiency and safety.

Our safety seats are therefore tested at even higher speeds than most collisions (50 km/h) and are subjected to dry braking tests, with a force of more than 30 g (equivalent to one frontal collision against a tree or post). Only in this way can we ensure that the most sensitive areas of the body are fully protected in the event of an accident.

And we know that both within cities and on longer journeys all kinds of unforeseen things can happen. For this reason, we help to protect you and your family at all times.

Permanent security.

Committed to the quality to
guarantee your child's safety.

Once we determine that the safety seat complies with the ECE, CCC or national regulations governing CRS in the country of use, seats must pass production approval and qualification (PQ) tests prior to being put on the market. In addition, seats are regularly subjected to a new test called COP (Conformity of Production) to confirm that series production does not cause differences and the seats produced remain exactly the same as the seats approved in the series of approval tests.

In addition to this strict internal control, different organisations periodically subject our security seats to additional controls. In this way, we can guarantee a continuous quality of our products both in terms of safety and comfort for children.

Advanced child safety systems


Further confirmation of the safety of our products comes from the results obtained in the EuroNCAP tests, safety tests to which almost all cars sold in Europe are subjected.

The overall safety of a car is the result of different evaluations including the security offered to the smallest passengers. For this reason many of the major car manufacturers entrust the protection of young passengers in these tests to our child seats.